Review of Loup


Emerson Neldner

The newest installment in the village, Loup, is worth the trip. This charming new restaurant has a variety of handcrafted soups and sandwiches on hand and offers both dine in and carry out. 

Owned by the Wisconsin Soup Company, Loup sources all of their ingredients from local Wisconsin farmers. Even its name, Loup, means “soup with a local twist.” Originally sold solely in grocery stores and at the Tosa Farmers Market, their new location in the Wauwatosa is their first storefront cafe.

This newest branch in Tosa is only adding more to the community.

 “I started making this soup, then a community grew,” said Loup CEO Steven Wernhardt. Located on Harwood Avenue right next to Yo Mama’s, it fits in perfectly with the friendly atmosphere of the Tosa Village. 

I paid Loup a visit and tried their Chicken & Dumplings and Baked Potato soups. Not being a huge soup enthusiast, I stuck with the two basic staples, and was not disappointed. Both were delicious and packed with flavor. If you’re a picky eater like me, these soups are the way to go.

Feeling more adventurous? Try Loup’s soup flights. This option offers you a choice of four different small soups for your perusing.

Loup offers a few varieties of fresh soup each day, and carries the rest of their flavors frozen for easy carry out. The Chicken & Dumplings I ordered fresh, and the Baked Potato I ordered frozen. Both tasted great, and you would never be able to tell that one of them was frozen.

So whether you’re looking for soup to warm you up during this cold winter, want to try a hearty sandwich, or are looking to support a good cause, Loup has something for everyone. Even if you’re not a soup person, I definitely recommend trying Loup out.

“Our soup is simply good. It comforts, nourishes, inspires,” adds Wernhardt. “Everyone deserves good soups.”