Covid Update

Lucy Hildebrand, Editor

A little over 9 months since Coronavirus shut down the United States, the pandemic is still raging. Early re-openings and lack of wearing masks are the main reasons for the continuation of rising numbers.

In Wauwatosa, of the 2,750 cases, 1,101 are active. Of those cases, 36 people have died, none of which have been younger than 30 years old (Wauwatosa Health Department). 

Statewide, there have been a total of 469,000 cases and 4,344 deaths. Wisconsin’s peak was on November 18th, when we hit 7,989 new confirmed cases just in one day (New York Times and Wisconsin Department of Health). On December 7th, Covid-19 passed heart disease as the leading cause of death in the United States. 

Political Wire compiled and published a list of the top 9 deadliest days of American history on December 9, including 4 dates from the prior week, right up there next to the Bombing of Pearl Harbor (2,403 deaths), 9/11 (2,977), and the Battle of Gettysburg (3,155). The virus has now claimed over 300,000 American lives, with many more left with life-altering problems. Some people were upset that a virus was being compared to acts of terrorism, while others thought it drew the realization from the general public that was needed to show that this is a tragedy.

The vaccine has created a lot of draw in the past few weeks. Estimated to come out at the beginning of 2021, the vaccine is just on time. On the morning of December 14th, the first dose of the 95% effective Pfizer vaccine was given in America. According to CNBC, Walgreens and CVS are hoping to be able to administer the vaccine in pharmacies, like they normally do for the flu season, in early spring. 

Until then, health care workers, the elderly, and high risk people will be the first to receive the vaccine. The vaccine needs two doses in order to work, one given 3 weeks after the first for ultimate protection from coronavirus. Still, about ⅓ of the population says they are opposed to taking the vaccine, even though it has faced as many trials as any other vaccine and has no long-lasting side effects. 

Many states, like Illinois and Minnesota, recently shut down their restaurants and bars once again. Restaurants, gyms, and hotels are some of the places you are most likely to catch the virus, because of how much time is spent there, and how long you go without a mask. In Wisconsin, it is still possible to dine inside restaurants. Dane County, which has the second biggest city in the state (Madison), has shut down all restaurants, and banned all indoor gatherings, and any outdoor gatherings over 10 people. Despite Tony Evers attempts to shut down Wisconsin, the legislature has been blocking most things he puts out. 

Currently, rural areas are the places getting hit the hardest. In this map, you can see that areas less populated are where people tend to not be wearing a mask. Some people in theses areas believe that coronavirus is a hoax, that they are ¨immune¨ or just because Donald Trump strongly encouraged his supporters not to mask up earlier this year.

Please do your best to stay safe, stay home, wear a mask, and social distance.

The darkest purples are the most likely to be wearing a mask in                                                                                public, and the lightest colors are least likely. Via The New York                                                                              Times.