Wauwatosa West to Welcome Class of 2024

Video Submitted by Maureen Brady

An orientation run by Link Crew will welcome and help incoming freshmen transition to West their first day of school.

Wauwatosa West Link Crew Advisor and English Teacher Maureen Brady says, “Our Link Crew student leaders have been working hard and are excited to help the freshmen get their high school experience off to a good start. Freshmen can expect to be greeted with a warm welcome and a big smile — even if those smiles are hidden behind masks this year, we know the freshmen will feel the energy on day one!”

The orientation will be held in-person for freshmen enrolled in Phase Into Learning on Tuesday, September 8th for students in Cohort A and Thursday, September 10th for students in Cohort B. Both in-person orientations will begin at 8:00 a.m. All freshmen enrolled in the Wauwatosa Virtual Academy or Tosa Connected will participate in orientation via Zoom September 8th at 8:00 a.m.

We know this school year is going to look really different, but we wanted to make sure that our 9th graders know that they’re a part of this community now,” Brady says. “Whether you’re at WVA, or doing Tosa Connected, or in the building with us twice a week, you’ve still got plenty of people here to support you.”

More details about orientation can be found in an email sent to 9th grade parents and students.