Bowling Team Returns to Wauwatosa


Lucas Metzner

Freshman Brady Metzner prepares to bowl the 5th frame at a Wauwatosa bowling practice.

Ethan Peplinski and James Gentil

Over 2,000 high school students compete across the state in varsity and junior varsity bowling. Student Kyle Muth has brought back the Wauwatosa West bowling team.

The team consists of students from Wauwatosa West, Wauwatosa East, and Martin Luther King (MLK) High School. After many years of not having a bowling team Kyle wanted to bring his passion for bowling to Wauwatosa West.

“My brother, a former student, played for the bowling team back when he was in high school and I didn’t want to go to a new school to bowl,” Muth said.

In order to even start the team Muth had to talk to the Athletic Director at West and East in order to see if he could combine the teams.

“After meeting with the Athletic Directors I had to go to a High School meeting to figure out the rules to abide by,” Kyle said.

Kyle has been bowling for many years, bowling in a league for 14 years.

“Being in a bowling league has helped me out tremendously, I suggest that if anyone wants to improve in bowling you should join a league” said Muth. 

So far the team has 11 players. Six of them are from Wauwatosa West, 4 from Wauwatosa East, and one from MLK. Practices are every Monday and Wednesday at 4:30 at Bowlero. Practices are also free.

Since Wauwatosa West hasn’t had a bowling team in many years, Muth said getting the program recognized will be a challenge.

“Not many people  bowl competitively. For the first year it’s going to be an experiment and trying to develop the team,” said Kyle.

Another player on the team is Brady Metzner. Metzner is the only freshman from Tosa West on the team. “I’ve been bowling for about five months now, and hope to get better while on the team. And hopefully when I get older, I become  one of the captains on the team,” said Metzner.

Muth thinks that this program will be heading in a good direction, and is happy to get the chance to start the bowling team again. He is excited to see where this team will go.