Non Teaching Staff Members Play Big Role in School


Jacob Burgardt

West Building Maintenance Supervisor Ryan Anderson and Student Resource Officer Farris Griffin

Jacob Burgardt and Tiffany Kincaid

Out of the one hundred thirteen staff members at Wauwatosa West only eighteen of them are non teaching staff members but still are a big part of how our school runs.

 The different non teaching staff members do a lot for the school. They’re here when students are and sometimes when students aren’t. 

“When you all on like winter break, spring break, Thanksgiving break, I work on patrol,” said Wauwatosa West’s resource officer Ferris Griffin

Although it may seem easy, the attendance office has a lot on it’s plate during the day.  

“I am responsible for all the kids that leave the building, all the students that come in, the attendance for the kids that are called out. I deal with all the Launch kids. My day is very busy, but it helps the day go fast I also deal with all the parents that come in and stuff with guidance,” Attendance supervisor Sara Looker said. 

The non teaching staff do a lot here but it is for a good reason to keep us safe. 

“The number one priority of me being here at school and in the school district is to improve the safety of the school district in general, like working with administration on safety plans, so that’s why we do the safety drills,” said Griffin. 

Of course with every job there are some  downs that come along with it. 

“Sometimes it can be hard when you have kids that are lying to your face. And yet I want to be respectful to them and not just call them out on it. And that can be a little tricky,” Looker said. 

Ryan Anderson is the Wauwatosa West building maintenance supervisor. He oversees things like heating and air conditioning, the security systems in the building and making sure things are set up for sporting events and other activities. 

He is starting his fifth year as a district employee and in this position.  “I am currently on my fifth year, so my super senior year at Wauwatosa West,” Anderson said.

Anderson starts his day early and enjoys the variety of things he does throughout the day. 

 “I typically work 6 AM till 2:30 PM, about 50% of my day I have planned, you know set up the cafeteria and take a walk around the exterior making sure everything is safe I take care of the pool and any accidental things that pop up, you know general maintenance filters.” 

Anderson enjoys the variety of the day to day challenges, “The wonderful part is I get to work with very well educated, happy people in this environment and get to see kids really develop and grow.”