New Library Podcast Studio at Wauwatosa West


Ethan Garder

Wauwatosa West student is seen playing the guitar in the new podcast studio in West’s library.

Ethan Garder and Vincent Olsen

Guitars, Microphones, MIDI instruments, and a podcasting mixer and recorder are now ready for student and staff use in the southeast corner of the library. The equipment can be used by anyone with the permission of the school librarian, Derek DeVinny. 

According to DeVinny, the equipment and space is meant to be a place for students to explore podcasting and music making either in groups or individually.

“It’s important to give students options and open doors for possible passions to be discovered,” says Tosa West Librarian, Mr. DeVinny.

Approximately 12 people attended an informational meeting in the Steiner Center on Thursday, October 24th. The meeting announced the brand new “Studio Club” at Tosa West High School where students can produce music, record vocals, and practice sound engineering.  

DeVinny and Sophomore, Chris Elliot, started the club that will meet every other Thursday after school to create a group that will learn how to make and record music and podcasts together.. DeVinny hopes it will become a space where students can be social in a group to learn about different viewpoints through music.

“It’s important to have new opportunities throughout your high school career for multiple passions, in this case it’s music production,” said DeVinny.

Studio Club is there to also teach beginners and possibly create opportunities for students to bond. Mr. DeVinny has had a passion for music ever since he was in high school and was in a band with some friends. This made it easy for him to jump on board when Elliot brought up the idea for this club. 

“I thought that this would be a good way to get students connected and share their skills and share their knowledge, and try out new equipment,” said Elliot.

Elliot felt strongly about coming out of isolation when it came to making music, so he had the idea to start the club. All students are able to join, and all they have to do is attend meetings every other Thursday and put their name on the sign up sheet.