Snow Complicates School Commute, Causes Boys Soccer Game to be Rescheduled


Over two inches of snow fell during the school day on Thursday, October 31st making the commute to and from school difficult and causing the Boys Sectional Semifinal Soccer match to be rescheduled. 

Numerous students arrived late due to the snow. Others were able to make it to class on time.

“The snow made my morning more stressful. I was almost late to school. It was cold outside and it was just not fun,” said Wauwatosa West Junior Myela Cooper. 

Other students, such as Senior Jalysa Runyan, didn’t enjoy the snow either. 

“The snow was horrible. I stepped out of my car and it was up to my ankles. The snow put a damper on my morning, but it’s Wisconsin. It happens,” said Runyan. 

The snow led to lower attendance earlier in the day, however, attendance for the remainder of the day was “fairly typical” according to Wauwatosa West Associate Principal Leah Kalybor. Teacher attendance was also regular. 

“Sometimes events such as this decrease teacher attendance. It’s a concern when teachers aren’t able to get here because we have to think about how we can ensure everyone is being instructed,” said Klaybor. 

According to Klaybor the snow came somewhat earlier in the year than the faculty expected. However, Klaybor stated the Building Supervisor, Ryan Anderson, comes earlier on days such as this to “make sure things are salted and shoveled.”

Klaybor said, “He gets here early for us to make sure things are ready for us to go.” 

According to the National Weather Service this amount of snow breaks the record of .4 inches set in 1926. 

The Boys Soccer game scheduled for October 31st at 7 p.m. at home against Brookfield Central was rescheduled for November 1st at 4p.m. due to the snow throughout the day.

Athletics Director Jeffrey Gabrielsen indicated that after some deliberation, the inability to remove the snow in a reasonable amount of time led to the game being rescheduled.

“If we had the Green Bay Packers’ grounds crew this game could be played. Instead we have a guy with about a 3 foot plow trying” to clear the field, said Gabrielsen. 

The game needed to be rescheduled for a time before the next round of the playoffs, which is Saturday November 2nd.

The rescheduling “makes for a lot of calls” according to Gabrielsen. “There’s a lot of people that are affected when you change the time.” 

Some are content with the reschedulement, such as Sophomore and Varsity Soccer Player Anthony Salamone. 

Salamone said, “The snow gives us more time to prepare mentally and physically for the game.” 

Veronica Erikson


Please Note: This article was created during an all staff after school journalism meeting on October 31st. New student journalists were divided into groups and interviewed different stakeholders with the support of a student editor. All quotes and background information were submitted to a common Google Document. Student editors organized the information into a news story. An article, Instagram photo, and video were all produced during this 90 minute meeting. Written by Ricco Volpe, Katherine Meyer, Erin Scholtus, Serena Stern, Amyra Larry, Kaitlyn Kluz, Myles Calhoun, Kiara Fulton, Katie McCabe, Maddie Bishop, and Sara Stanislawski.