Boys Varsity Soccer to Play in First Playoff Game of Season


Lucas Metzner and Michael Glaser

Wauwatosa West boys varsity soccer will play at home against Whitnall High School in its first playoff game of the season Saturday October 26th at 4pm. 

Varsity ended their regular season with a record of 14 wins, 4 losses, and 4 ties. West won 5 conference games and lost 3. West was 3rd place overall in the greater metro conference. Two weeks ago it was announced that Tosa West got the #1 seed.

Wauwatosa West Senior and Varsity player Tyler Piek said, “I was kind of surprised but I knew from the extremely good season we’ve had so far that we deserved the #1 seed.”

Piek has currently scored 28 goals this season, the most of all players on the team. 

West’s Varsity Soccer team lost in sectionals last season and is now back to the playoffs trying to win a championship.  

Assistant Coach Kyle Navin wanted to see the team meet new goals, going into the playoffs this season. Navin said the team is “shooting for a state title berth.” 

According to Navin their goal from last season was to build upon previous success. The team improved their seed in D2 from a #4 seed last year to a #1 this year.

Even though boys varsity soccer team improved this season, Navin and head coach Rob Blascoe want to see more improvement in the players. 

“The team as a whole needs to focus on supporting each other as a team, building as a team,” Navin said. He added, “we need to address issues that we still struggle with to build upon success rather than continue to identify failure.”

Going into the playoffs the team is practicing in preparation for regionals on Saturday. The coaches are looking for ways how they can help the team win. 

Navin and Blascoe attended the Whitnall vs. Waterford game to scout their upcoming opponent. Navin said he and Boscoe “discussed their style of play and will address it to the team over the next three sessions, focusing on exploiting Whitnall’s weakness.”