4 Things to do as a Freshmen to be Successful Applying for College


Jalah Bates, Staff Reporter

As many enter their freshman year, they are met with challenges of trying to adjust to a new school along with false guidelines on when to truly start their focus on college. As the school year approches, whats better than to take the many false things that incoming freshman have been or haven’t been told so they can help themselves be successful their senior year by doing majority of the agenda listed below their freshman year with the four most important things to do as a freshman to be successful in your senior year when applying to colleges.

    1. FRESHMAN YEAR GRADES MATTER- You know how all your life you have been hearing as you approach closer and closer to freshman year that colleges don’t really pay attention to your freshman year grades? Well thatś false because they surely do! Most colleges may not look at each individual grade from your entire high school career, but they do look at your overall as well as cumulative over the course of your highschool years. So be sure to keep your grades up!
    2. LOOK AT COLLEGES EARLY-  Don’t be the person who waits until junior or even senior year to start looking at colleges, be sure to start your freshman year. You don’t have to know right away what you want to be in life, but it is always good to get a head start on where you want to go after school and giving yourself enough time to really decided.


  • PICK CLASSES RELATED TO THE JOB YOU WANT TO PART TAKE IN- If you are that student who already knows what they want to do with their life once they do leave  high school? Then it’s always good to be sure to pick classes related to that career field. Or if you´re like me and struggling between a pediatrician or a district attorney do classes related to both.
  • DO RELATED THINGS OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL- As someone whom has known what she has wanted to be since she was ten, I have learned that colleges especially medical schools aren’t all about the grades. You heard right! When choosing between two students or more most schools will take a student with average grades and has done things such as shadow people that are currently in the career that they want to become over anyone who has cruised through on an 4.0 and has done nothing to show they really want this opportunity.