Senior Missing From Yearbook

Senior Missing From Yearbook

Samuel Sebastian, Staff Reporter

The Senior Yearbook is supposed to be the final memento of the high school career, something to show kids or family down the line. However, in one student’s case, it might be a bit difficult.

Joseph Lundell, a senior at West is wondering where his senior picture is, or more accurately, where he is at all.

“Where am I?” Joseph exclaimed as he looked through his yearbook noticing his absence in the spot he should be in.

After seeing that his name wasn’t even mentioned, not even in the “Camera Shy” section, he decided to journey throughout the whole yearbook to see if he was mentioned. He was not.

“I mean it’s one thing to have my picture excluded, although that still upset me, but to find no mention of myself anywhere in the yearbook at all. Since I wasn’t involved in any clubs, my only chance at being in the yearbook was with my senior picture. And now I question why I even have the thing if I’m not in it?”

According to the yearbook faculty adviser Nicholas Heiting, the process for organizing and planning out the senior pages is fairly straightforward.

“There is a process, staff gets all of the senior photos, they record everything on a checklist for senior photos, senior quotes, and grad ads. With cross referencing there is no reason that anything should be inadvertently omitted.” said Heiting

He included that this was the first time that such an omission had been made, however, he did admit that there had been some mistakes made in the past including some mistakes with graduation ads, however he reinforced that this was the first time that a senior had been excluded from the yearbook.