TW Band Concert Showcases Broadway Tunes


Caleb Vollmers, Staff Reporter

Wicked, Hamilton, and many more Broadway show tunes will be performed by the Wauwatosa West Concert Band on May 15th at Wauwatosa West at 7:00 PM.  

“My favorite song we play is Jacklyn & Hyde probably because it reminds me of the production of it we had a couple of years ago. But I love all the music” Band Director Guy Kammerer.

The show is on Tuesday, May 10th and will feature songs from Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, Hamilton, Wicked, Jacklyn Hyde, and more. The Tosa West Band has been preparing for months.

“We got the music right after the winter concert which was back in December,” said Senior percussionist Sam Kniffin.

At the concert there will be freshman to seniors playing different instruments from sections like brass, woodwind, and percussion and instruments such as the saxophone and trumpet to the xylophone.

“It’s more that just a group or band it’s. It’s kinda like a family. All my friends are there,” said  Senior Clarinet player Katie Herring.

The concert starts at 7pm in the auditorium.

“I like performing because It gives me a sense of accomplished and that I did my music and playing,” said Katie.

The tickets are $4 for adults, $2 for students and free with either an activity pass or gold pass.

“People should come so that they can hear some of the most popular shows from broadway and hear the music played in such an authentic manner by outstanding young musicians,” said band director Guy Kammerer.