FREE SPIRIT DAY 1: Introductions and Newsmania


It’s Free Spirit time! I arrived today in DC with high hopes and an even higher level of nervous. When one loses one’s itinerary before the trip, it’s difficult for one to know what’s going to happen. Luckily for me, however, I was supplied with everything I could possibly need to be a good little journalist for the next week (including a fresh itinerary). After the preliminary coordinator introductions and rule book recap, we headed over to Bertucci’s in the George Washington University campus for a communal dinner of pizza and curiously half-filled water glasses.
After dinner, we went to the Newseum to hear a brief introduction from the Newseum Operations Coordinator Gene Policinski and each state our favorite freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment. I chose the right to petition, just to be different. Petitioning is pretty cool, right?
As it turns out, the freedom of speech is the cornerstone of American democracy and without it, none of us would be here. No, I don’t need to attribute that statement, because it’s pretty much what every third person said. Go figure. We were also being recorded, so no doubt you’ll find that video somewhere in the future. Check out this delightfully low-def panorama:
Here’s Mr. Policinski congratulating us on netting all five First Amendment freedoms afterwards, and bidding us a fond adieu until tomorrow:
After the discussion about that Constitution thing we like so much, it was time for a lovely seven rounds of Newsmania (is that trademarked?): a news-and-politics-but-also-other-random-things-like-history-oriented trivia game. I’m proud to say that after almost a full game of being behind, my team pulled through in the end after an odd bonus round of naming Supreme Court justices. Thank you, justice Breyer!
On the way out, we picked up signed copies of Chuck Todd’s (who we’ll be meeting tomorrow!) book The Stranger. I guess this means I need to start watching Meet the Press on a weekly basis.
That about concludes it for Day 1, and we were only doing things for about 4 hours! The days ahead will certainly be packed with excitement. Thanks for tuning in.

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