Holiday Gift Ideas


Article by Jade Grippe

For many of us, the most personal gifts are the best. We love that feel of opening a nicely wrapped present, and seeing something that we can keep with us forever.  “A couple of years ago I got my mom’s closest family members and friends to write down a memory of my mom. Once I got all of the memories, I purchased a plate and on the rim I had them write all the memories. So now there’s a plate in our living room with all the memories people had with my mother,” junior Ellen Smith said.

As you can see, presents have a very big meaning to the holidays, and it may seem like a very complicated task, but it can be much easier than you would think. You can go the traditional, store-bought route, or go with the home-made, artsy, DIY route that many people always tend to like. If you go with the store-bought route, there are many options. A very popular item is gift cards.

“I really like gift cards from Starbucks, “ freshmen, Julia Larson stated. Other common places to get gift cards from at places such as Target, Chipotle or even Mayfair Mall.

“I would like to get a gift card to Mayfair because that way I can use the money on more than one store,” sophomore Hailey Wilson stated.  Besides the classic gift card idea there are also other options; such as concert tickets, jewelry, or even an auxiliary cord for someone’s car. If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money this Christmas season, there’s always the homemade route.

“I would love a homemade blanket for over the holidays,” freshmen Zoe Eckblad states. You can also make homemade coupons, or frame a couple pictures as gifts in order to get a present for much less.

All in all, the holiday season is something that represents many different things to many different people all around, but one main topic the season represents is presents. There are so many different options one can get another for a present it can stress just about anyone out. So next time someone asks, “What do I get for someone for a present?” just take a minute and think about it. There are so many easy gifts that will go a long way.