January Green and White Awards

At the first semester Green and White Awards on Friday January 28th there were 98 students nominated for the awards. Seventeen students, two girls (three from the junior class) and two boys from each grade, won the award.

Any returning students would have noticed the changes in the award ceremony this year. In previous years there has been a quarterly ceremony, at which the school would present not only the Green and White Awards but also any other awards received by students throughout the quarter. Other awards included those for sport, art, and academic awards. This year they have decided to try and return the awards to Mr. Tomas Stiener’s original vision. The awards are now at the end of each semester and contain only the Green and White Awards.

The awards are given to students who exemplify the “Trojan Way.” Many of the award winners were surprised that they won. Laura Carlson, a freshman winner, said, “I wasn’t expecting it at all.” Maggie Overholt was similarly shocked as she said that her parents didn’t tell her that she was going to win. Dan Overholt, Maggie’s father, said, “I think she has worked really hard, and this is a wonderful recognition.” Many parents came to watch their children receive their awards.

The next Green and White Awards will be at the end of second semester. There will be a new set of nominees and winners, as well as a new set of proud parents.