Homecoming: Color Wars

Homecoming week is almost over, as day four concludes. In Tosa West tradition, the Thursday of Spirit Week was none other than color wars.

Students roamed the halls armed with rolls of duct tape, in their grade’s respective colors, trying to tag the underclassman.

Some kids got very creative in their tagging, with one Freshman being duct taped to a teacher’s recycling bin for over four hours of school. “In all honestly, I like that I get to put duct tape on other people,” says Junior Siobhan Larsen.

Color Wars also asked for both students and teachers to dress up, with Freshman being dressed in brown, Sophomores in yellow, Juniors in red, Seniors in blue, and Staff in black and white.

“It’s fun to see how creative people get with their costumes- especially the teachers,” says Larsen.

History teacher Ms. Jury partook in today’s custom- sporting a black and white sweater, black pants, and matching earrings. “Spirit week gives me a reason to have costumes at home,” she says.

Homecoming week continues Friday as everyone is invited to wear their green and white, and show their school spirit!