Homecoming, chapter 2: Destination Day

The second day of Homecoming spirit week was Destination Day, the theme for Tuesday.

According to the theme, freshmen and sophomores were supposed to dress as if they were going somewhere warm, and juniors and seniors were supposed to dress as if they were going somewhere cold.

Many of the underclassmen came to school with Hawaiian t-shirts and shorts, despite the chilly weather.

However, the upperclassmen didn’t follow the rules as much as the underclassmen. Many seniors especially felt that the theme wasn’t well formulated.

Instead, many upperclassmen came to school dressed as if they had a cold.  The halls were filled with upperclassmen wearing pajamas and blankets.

One senior, Alex Stanisic, came to school with a plush robe on.  He said that he didn’t like the theme that had been planned.

“I would have preferred to wear clothes that fit a warm destination,” said Stanisic.  “But I realized that my mom had a robe, so I wore that and it all worked out.”

Even without the majority of the school following the intended plan, West still followed a theme for its second spirit day.

By Mark Salamone