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West Students Donate Blood

Wauwatosa West students clustered inside the upper gym throughout the morning and afternoon on Friday, November 22, listening to B93.3 on the radio, answering questions on a chromebook, and determining their state of physical health to see if they could make a blood donation.

Students and faculty gave blood to the BloodCenter of Wisconsin, based upon the regulations and requirements the volunteers and staff must adhere to during the blood drive.

Phlebotomist Joy Gagliano said 16 year olds need permission to donate blood, but 17 year olds do not. Donors must bring in a photo ID with date of birth on it or another identification card and conduct a medical interview before they are eligible to donate blood.

Countless students poured into the donor room as the day progressed, hoping they will meet all restrictions.

Phlebotomist Heidi H. said “If [students or staff] cannot donate, they either are under height or weight, travel to malarious areas, have low iron, or have a high-low blood pressure. We have ranges for all those areas, if they are too high or low then they cannot donate.”

Junior Taylor Barry said “It’s disappointing that I can’t donate because my iron was 12.3, and I was really looking forward to donate.”

However, numerous students were able to donate a portion of themselves to someone in need.

“I feel like a part of myself is better now that I can give my blood to someone else,” said senior Melanie Turkowitch. “It’s like karma – it will come right back around to bite you; but in a good way.”

This act of giving can directly affect people’s medical needs for blood.

Donor specialist Katie Coronado said, “One donation can potentially save up to three lives.”

Certain blood types are more universally useful than others.

Substitute teacher Teri Cera said, “I am fortunate enough to have the ‘O-negative’ blood type and I know it goes to anybody in the world.”

“It can go to Flight for Life and emergency rooms because they do not have enough time to cross match the blood type,” Gagliano said.

However, where the blood goes does not sidetrack the purpose of the donor.

“It’s very important for people to donate blood because you cannot produce it, you can only get it.” Phlebotomist Diane Martinez said. “Every three seconds somebody needs a transfusion.”

“So far, we sent 25 units back, and at the end of the blood drive we will send the rest,” said Gagliano. “People who wish to donate can check appointments, the schedule, and other information on the BloodCenter of Wisconsin website.”

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