Rodgers & Hammerstein’s “Cinderella”

The fall production of “Cinderella” the musical has the cast, parents and audience thrilled and excited. According to the new theater director, Tim Catlett, “I have been directing for eight or nine years and we have been practicing for eight weeks total (two weeks on music and six weeks on lines/stage practice) and this production has come together.” For Catlett all the hard work paid off as the energy of the staff was amazing and the cast came together like a family.

West parents are also supportive, Charlotte Beitscher, mother of Becca Beitscher, said ”I loved the costumes and the dancing of the performers and actors”. And “I like the personality of characters to stage life from real life”, commented Dave Heyer, father of Alex Heyer and Carsten Peterson- Burke, father of Taylor Peterson- Burke.

Still many people have a favorite character such as Lean Leffer, a six-year old audience member who said “I loved the Cinderella character because she did a great job and she was pretty.”

Many actors enjoyed performing and being a part of “Cinderella”. According to Sophomore Elizabeth Kuna-Hildebrand “I was excited to be a part of “Cinderella” and happy to have people watching us” Sophomore Susan Shively said “It is really great to be and fun to be with everyone”. And Freshman Mary Kayser commented that “It is fabulous to be a apart of “Cinderella” and thrilling to see everyone watching”.

“Cinderella” is scheduled for Friday, November 12, 2010 and Saturday November 13, 2010 at 7pm.


$5.00= Seniors and Students
$12.00= Adults

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