Join the Wauwatosa West Newspaper!

Would you like to be a part of Tosa West’s newspaper staff? You can work with the web, the print edition, the photographers, or the Broadcast team, all while you learn new skills and get to know your school and community. Sign up today!

What will I learn as part of the Wauwatosa West Journalism program?

The purpose of our program is to develop student thinking and processing skills by engaging them in the journalistic process. Journalism students develop visual, oral and written communication skills while regularly writing for a large and public audience.

I don’t want to be a journalist. Why should I be involved in journalism?

Facebook, Twitter, email, news aggregators, the internet, texting, email, internet capable cell phones, 24 hour cable channels . . . . you probably encounter many of these media outlets on a daily basis. Do you ever find yourself on information overload? I do! Your journalism training will help you sort through this mess of information – when you approach an issue from the perspective of a journalist, you have to get the facts and research the topic, listen to people’s opinions, think critically, shape the best and most well researched story possible. You will learn to think critically, identify bias, research topics, write clearly for an audience, and work together as a team.

Are these just skills for journalists? No way, Jose! Journalism teaches students skills that will not only help students in all of their academic subject areas, but will also help them manage the huge volume of information they confront on a daily basis. If you live in the world, journalism can help you.