Green and White Awards Recognizes Students Who Go Beyond the Grade

It’s not all about receiving an award. The Green and White awards have an underlying and powerful message – at Wauwatosa West grades aren’t the only thing that are important.

“It felt really good to know the teachers recognized me as being a good student and liked to have me in their class.” said Junior Laura Carlson who received the Green and White award her Freshman year.

The Green and White Award recognizes students who have an outstanding performance in the classroom, positive citizenship and represents the student body in a positive way.  Students picked for the award must meet certain criteria. Students have to display outstanding citizenship and character and contribute positively in the classroom. Students should demonstrate improvement in academic and personal performance. Students are first nominated by teachers and then associate principal Matt Byers narrows down the results and identifies the winners.

“People should get nominated for being a genuinely nice person and make an actual difference to the school” said Junior Mitchell Merz.

The award is presented at an all school assembly once a semester.  One male and one female from each grade receives the award.   The first semester Green and White award will be presented on January 16th, 2013.

The awards were first started because of former West principal Thomas E. Steiner. He wanted to give a public recognition to the students who have an appreciation for west and have a commitment to their school community. The students should represent a positive example for the rest of the student body to follow.

Even students who have not received the award recognize its importance.“I think students deserve the award because they truly help make West a positive place to be and deserve to get recognized for it . “ said Senior Matt Stolz.

Photograph: Chee Chia Vang