West Prepares for 2010

Wauwatosa West High School is made up of students, teachers, custodians, and ad­ministrators. As the school year begins it means different things for each group of people, but there is an effect on every­one no matter who you are.

For approximately one thousand and twenty students it means early mornings, books, schedules, and back to the classroom. For the teach­ers, custodians, and adminis­tration it means back to work.

The returning students are excited to see their friends and get back to their clubs. When asked if he was nervous about anything in the com­ing school year, Matt Zanton said, “Not really. Well sort of for my AP classes.” Most re­turning students aren’t too nervous for the coming year but they are annoyed by the changes in lockers, guidance counselors, and homerooms.

LYDIA BERGGRUEN an incoming freshman, fills out paperwork during registration as she and others prepare for the first day of school.

The two hundred forty-sev­en incoming freshmen come from all different places. The majority of them come from Whitman and will know quite a few people here, but some students will be coming from private schools where not everyone from their school lives in the same city. They will be meeting a lot of new people and becoming involved in a lot of new activities. The changes in teachers, home­rooms, counselors, and lock­ers have less of an effect on them than the returning stu­dents because the freshmen never knew it the other way.

Custodians are back on the job keeping our school clean. It is their job to pre­pare the rooms and hallways. Custodian Dell Vieau, said, “We take all the furniture out of the rooms and scrub them down before the year begins.” He also stated that since Principal Calarco wants what is best for the school it pushes him to do a better job.

Officer Braun is looking for­ward to the new school year. Since he is on bike patrol in the summer, Officer Braun is glad to be getting back to his school routine. “My goal for this year,” he said, “is to become more involved in the classroom.” During the year he goes into classes to talk about things such as drug abuse or violence. He has also helped a science class learn about tazers. He says that he wants to become more of a presence at the school.

When asked what the be­ginning of this year meant for her, librarian Mrs. Brennan, said, “I had so many boxes!” The school bought many new textbooks this year and it is her job to organize them. Also Mrs. Brennan has played a large part in the creation of the Thomas Stiener Technolo­gy Center, which caused her to have to rearrange the library.

Whether you are a freshman or a senior, teacher or custo­dian, a new year brings many new opportunities. With a new principal, many new teachers, and new students, this year will be unlike any other so far.