Homecoming Day 2: Crying Youngsters and Crotchety Elders

Walkers, bottles, grey hair, and diapers filled the halls of Wauwatosa West High School as students and staff celebrated the second day of Homecoming Week 2012.

Underclassmen dressed as senior citizens and upperclassmen dressed as babies or young children.

Many students dressed up and put their creativity to the test.  “This bib is like cutting off my circulation” said junior, Cole Baltz as he adjusted his baby costume.

While walking through the halls there were bring smiles and loud laughs of people amazed at what others were wearing, and just how out of the ordinary some allowed themselves to be with their attire on this day.

“Today has been fun and it’s funny to see what people wear” said Junior Nick Orlowski, who wore a full body onesie.  Students were excited about this day, and not to mention the entire week of spirit.

Junior Jordan Kreul-Thompson said, “it makes people pumped up, and allows us to come to school excited and looking forward to a silly, fun day.”

In addition to students dressing up, teachers are doing the same.  Teachers were dressed as gym teachers/coaches in sweats and sneakers while the gym teachers/coaches were dressed as regular education teachers, in dress ties and skirts.  “This is the most uncomfortable I’ve been in years” said Business Education teacher Dan Prothero.

This day was the beginning of exciting days ahead with more spirit, more rawr, and more hype here at Wauwatosa West during Homecoming Week of 2012.

Photographs by: Nick Moroder, Shae Ward, Caylin Rosene, Kou Vang and Ty Stoltenburg

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