Duel in the Pool

Photographs by Brett Clarke

On Tuesday, September 25th at 6 pm the girls’ swim/dive team and the football team met in the Wauwatosa West pool for a variety of swim competitions.

This competition was dubbed Wauwatosa West’s first annual “Duel in the Pool,” and the mantra of this even was “real athletes don’t play games.”

Although the crowd was not as large as hoped, Kelsey Kennedy, a senior on the swim team who organized the event, said, “The people who were there were really into it.”

The events included a ten member relay race, a cannonball competition, and a partner swim. Kennedy said, “My favorite is the partner swim. That is when one person kicks while holding onto another person who pulls.”

“It’s too bad that I’m not going to be able to do it again, but I recommended to do it again for years to come,” Jon Doolen, a senior on the football team who participated, said, “The whole football team that participated were really excited to do this… so speaking for the whole team, we want to say thank you!”

In the end, the girls’ swim/dive team won the duel. Both parties involved hope there will be the opportunity to do this again next year.