Maxfield’s Pancake House

By Jennifer Flynn, Sarah Otto and Caylin Rosene

Juniors Jennifer Flynn, Sarah Otto and Caylin Rosene tried out Maxfield’s Pancake House, a newly opened breakfast and sandwich restaurant located in One Mayfair Place (near Chipotle), adjacent to Whitman Middle School. The girls separately reviewed the restaurant’s service and food for West Side Stories.

Caylin: When we first walked into Maxfield’s Pancake House, we saw that there were quite a bit of people already there. We gave the person at the front desk our name and sat down to wait. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a long wait at all. The restaurant had good service and lots of options to choose from on the menu. They had everything from crepes to pancakes, and a variety of other breakfast and lunch options. I ordered the apple cinnamon crepes which turned out to be very tasty. The prices were acceptable, and overall, I give the restaurant 4.5 pancakes out of 5.

Sarah: Maxfield’s Pancake House exceeded my expectations. I ordered a ham and cheese omelet with hash browns. Although these are typical breakfast items, Maxfield’s cooked the food perfectly and satisfied my ravenous hunger. The excellent service was an added bonus to this delightful breakfast. Our waitress made sure that we were all satisfied with our food while providing a very cheerful atmosphere. This topped off Maxfield’s awesomeness. The restaurant is very family-friendly and casual. Overall, Maxfield’s is a fabulous restaurant; I will definitely return.

Jennifer: I ordered chocolate chip pancakes with sides of fruit and hash browns. The portions and price were decent; I was able to get three medium-sized pancakes with two sides and a glass of orange juice for roughly twelve dollars. While the fruit plate (a couple slices of melon and some grapes) wasn’t very impressive, the rest of the meal made up for it. The hash browns were crispy and the pancakes were delicious — they had just the right amount of chocolate, were cooked to a perfect golden-brown, and made surprisingly good leftovers. I also give Maxfield’s 4.5 pancakes out of five.