Alumni Spotlights

Jeremy Tardy: Class of 2009

Fashion Fever: Skinny Jeans, Girbaud, Coogi, Shutter Shades
Special Place at West: One of the dressing rooms for the theater has a wall where people who have performed throughout the years have signed their names, I wrote my name in 2009 during “Macbeth.”
Event with Impact on School Culture: The rule at Mayfair Mall that prohibited students under 18 to enter the mall after 3pm.
Prominent Memory: I remember the “Trojan Awards” (I think it was called that) at the end of each semester recognizing students for their achievements, I very much appreciated that.
Influential Staff: Mrs. Heller- English and Señor Esparza- Spanish
Life after West: I am an actor currently in training at The Julliard School
Lasting High School Ties: I met some of the best friends I’ve ever had at Tosa West.

Debi (Vetter) Martin: Class of 1966

Fashionable Threads: “Bell Bottoms, A-line dresses, pleated skirts, cashmere sweaters, and ratting you hair to make it look taller”
Most Prominent Memory: The class trip to New York and Washington D.C.
Rate the Lunch Food: It was OK. I’d give it a 4 (out of 5).
Life After West: Went to UWW for 1 ½ years, retired from AT&T after 32 years, and 11 years now at my second career at O’Leary Plumbing and Heating in East Troy

Ryan Cvecko: Class of 2011

Favorite Place at West: The gym, all the great sports games went on in there.
Impactful Event on West Culture: The passing of Coack Mike Landisch. He brought a whole community and student culture behind his cause.
Gourmet Opinion: [The cafeteria food] was very good. Subs were expensive but good. Also, the soft pretzels were good.
Prominent Memories: Volleyball and sports in general. Sports here really bring the student culture together.
Teachers who had the Most Impact: Mr. Woodworth, Mr. Zietlow, Ms. Keppler, and Mrs. Thoma all had impacts on me because they really helped mold me into a mature man who was successfully ready for college.

Erik Pleuss: Class of 1992

Pop Culture: Grunge music and flannel shirts were huge my Junior and Senior year.
School Getaway: I was in band and also on stage crew for a while and I spent a lot of time in the theater area. There was a hallway leading from the stage to the science classrooms and we used to hang out there during lunch hour.
Event with an Impact: I think that the biggest impact on us was the Gulf war in 1991. A lot of students had older brothers or sisters in the military and it was a difficult time. It brought us all together a bit.
Prominent Memories: Ernie’s English class and all of the fun things we did in band, such as going to Washington D.C. and Los Angeles. I also enjoyed “Band Day” in Madison.
Influential Staff: Ernie’s English class helped me find my own voice.
Lunch Time: I LOVED the taco bar once a week. We could also purchase just about any Hostess product that existed.
Life after West: I have a good job and a wonderful wife. Life is great!
Best Choice: I had a choice between going to East or West. I chose West and I am still happy that I made that decision. It was a great school with great administrators (Mr. Hess, Mrs. Evers, Mr. Breitlow) and great staff.