Homecoming 2011 Thursday: Color Wars

Color Wars seems to be an annual favorite among almost everyone during Spirit Week. People wear the color of their class with seniors as blue, juniors as red, sophomores as yellow and, of course, freshman as brown.
As Ameera Eckles- Sabree puts it, “Color wars is color wars, the best day of the year… you compete with all the other people and the other colors.” And it does become a real competition. Mariella Schmidt agrees that part of the appeal is separating the classes— “it puts the freshmen in their place, even if the teachers say it’s rude to call them out.”
But with strict new tagging rules, the competition was toned down this year. Students were not allowed to tag others with hairspray, markers, silly string, or glitter. However, they were able to use tape and stickers. Some students think the restrictions might have been too much. “I get where they’re coming from with getting it in people’s faces, but I don’t understand why glitter wasn’t approved,” says senior Lauren Jaworowicz. But she also says the day is still fun “to see how decked out you can go.”

By Maddie Frank