A Year to Look Forward To

Reporter: Erin Stapleton

We are officially in “summer mode;” the days are carefree and blissful without the burden of
homework or exams. Once August approaches, however, the reality of school will hit us hard with its
dreary nature and we will have to prepare for the new school year we dread; although, this year we
actually have things to look forward to. Wauwatosa West High School will be commemorating its 50th
anniversary this coming year, which means that we, as a student body, will be celebrating too. According
to Principal Calarco and other committee members, they are expecting us students to “really beef it up!”

To encourage the expected school spirit, plans are in place to incorporate such things as
advertisements a la Hollywood movie trailers played around school to promote excitement on a daily
basis and various speeches from successful alumni to demonstrate the positive outcomes the school has
produced. Concerning homecoming weekend, there is talk of an all-school tailgate before the game,
grander floats for the parade and VIP seating at the football game. To boost school spirit at the game,
Wauwatosa West PTA plans to give away 1000 foam fingers to cheering students, as well.

This is merely a preview of the exciting year to come and just looking at this, it is bound to be an
marvelous year for students, staff and alumni. For now, though, enjoy your summer while it lasts! Be