Student Focus: John Rupsch

Anyone can pick up an instrument and make random, chaotic noise, but few can channel every ounce of their soul into creating the melodic sounds that senior John Rupsch is able to create. Having played the string bass since fourth grade, John has spent countless hours developing his talent. Interestingly enough, the way he discovered his passion also highlights his adventurous nature and “can-do” attitude. He happened to be the tallest boy in his class and decided why not tackle the challenge of playing the largest instrument? After nine years of diligently studying music and committing each melody to memory not by note, he is now part of the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra (MYSO). The orchestra plays a variety of pieces with varying level of difficulty, but John’s eyes flash with excitement as he describes his favorite piece, Mahler’s First Symphony: “It was almost an out of body experience to play music of that caliber and make such a success out of it.”

However, John may not have been able to reach this point on his own. He credits his private instructor Scott Kreuger as the driving force behind his journey. Mr. Kreuger is a player in the Milwaukee Symphony and has spent countless hours with John to help him refine his music skills and push him to his limits. John says, “He has always provided me with encouraging feedback and makes playing so much more enjoyable.”
With no intentions of slowing down his musical career, John plans to attend Minnesota Twin Cities this coming fall as a Musical Performance Major. It is undeniable that is take true passion and perseverance to reach the heights John has in mind, and he is most certainly on the right track. In the future, he would like to be part of a professional symphony. Very few have the devotion and ambition such an accomplishment requires. However, John feels his diligence will be worth the final result because “in professional-level music, there are so many things going on; whether it be a soloist or the timpanist in the back keeping the beat strong. When everyone has this feeling of being a single part of the whole picture, a feeling of unity actually prevails over everyone; the feeling of serene joy and satisfaction…is what I love about it.” With the unconditional support around him, music in his soul and determination in his heart, John is sure to soar to any heights he can dream up.