Tosa West Seniors Submit Early Applications for College By Deadline


Brady Metzner

During the last week of October, many Wauwatosa West seniors can be found throughout the school frantically completing and finalizing all of the parts of the college applications by the November 1st college early admissions deadline.

“I mean it was kind of I don’t know hectic because there was a lot of stuff I wanted to like put down so like you know, just mainly stuff that I was doing show people guys you look at me be like, hey, we want this person and like No actually, like make them interested in actually picking me” said Senior Jeffery Richardson

For many Wauwatosa West students applying to college means completing the “common app.” or common application. The common app allows students to complete one application for 900 different schools.  This includes 23 private and public schools in Wisconsin.  Other schools require their own application.  

No matter the application, all students are required to assemble a collection of materials for their applications.

Frequently students must include an ACT or SAT score, a transcript of classes taken at Tosa West, a personal essay or statement.  Many schools also require a letter of recommendation from a teacher or coach.  

Students sometimes find collecting and managing all of these materials a challenge. 

“It’s complex, I guess would be the simplest way to put it … there’s so many weird specific things that you never would have thought about. I guess like if you get help from your counselor or your parents, that would be nice, but there’s just weird specific things that you would never think about” said senior Cole Powell.

Other students find the process less tedious. 

“It was pretty easy. I used the common app” said senior David Kleier. 

Students often ask teachers to write the required letter of recommendation. Teachers who work with students who are juniors and seniors are frequently asked to write a lot of recommendation letters. 

Social Studies teacher Chris Benes is honored to be asked to write letters of recommendation for a student. 

“I think teachers will say it’s an honor that someone is asking, though, but they think highly enough of you as a teacher to ask you to do that for them.”

He hopes the letter will have a positive impact on the application process.

“I view it as an opportunity to again, share my experiences with somebody who doesn’t know that student and hopefully convince them that they’re worthy of their college or university.” said Benes

Teachers estimate they write between 10 to 20 letters of recommendation each school year.  Each letter can take a teacher 30 to 60 minutes to write.  

Teachers appreciate if students formally thank them for their time. 

“I feel like it’s part of my job, but I also feel like students should be thankful to the teachers that do write letters of recommendation. I know when I asked my teachers for them, I gave them a thank you card.” said Physical Education teacher Christa Botsford. 

After his interview and direct admission to University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in the Wauwatosa West Career Center on October 20th, , Senior Jeffrey Richardson is glad to see the process coming to a conclusion.

“You know, the whole UWM early admission thing, right… she asked me a couple questions like, you know, just asking about me. And then like, at the end of the conversation, she just said I was admitted” said Richardson