2022 Tosa West Homecoming Day 4: Country Club vs. Country

The halls of Wauwatosa West were filled with country club members and people from the country on Thursday, October 6th, for the fourth day of homecoming spirit week.  Students could choose between dressing as “Country Club” or “Country”  The day was notable for its various interpretations of the theme and wide participation. 

“I dressed up as country today is because it’s a fun day. I can bring my guitar in and play songs in the hallway and just kind of noodle around. And I happen to have all this stuff and I think students are really shocked and surprised and they smile and laugh. And they think it’s really funny that I’m dressed up,” said Social Studies and English teacher Chris Lazarski.

The theme was received well by the student body and many students and staff came dressed up and ready to participate.

“Because it’s fall, I’m already going to be wearing my flannel often. And I love an excuse to look put together and fancy. I really love being able to get excited about being at school and just like doing things with my friends and planning things,” said Sophomore Lilly Murat who chose the country club theme by wearing a dress with a  white sweater draped around her neck. 

Students were dressed in boots, flannels, overalls and cowboy hats on the country side. Students on the country club side wore sweater vests, skirts and dress shoes. 

“I think it’s an easy way to dress up because a lot of people already had a lot of these outfits at home so you didn’t really have to go out and buy anything,” said Social Studies teacher and homecoming advisor Padi Kong who liked that so many people participated in the theme.  

Many students agreed that the theme was accessible. 

“I go up north a lot so it’s kind of normal,” said Junior Adam Bartelme.

The final theme for homecoming week will be Green and White. 

Although participation in the dress up theme days varied over the week, overall many students participated and enjoyed the experience.

“I think it’s fun to dress up and do things differently than you normally would. It’s fun to have a week dedicated to dressing up every day,” said Junior Anthony Wang.