School Board Candidate Feature: Mary Jo Randall


Evelyn Skyberg Greer and Claire Guttormson

Mary Jo Randall is running for seat 1 on the Wauwatosa school board. She served previously on the school board from 2005 to 2016, winning 4 elections during that time. She has worked and volunteered in multiple Wauwatosa schools and feels that the support of teachers and students by the district is of utmost importance.


What is your connection to the Tosa community?

I was elected to the Wauwatosa School Board in 2005, 2008, 2011 and 2014, serving as a Member, Board Clerk, Board Vice-President and Board President. I resigned in 2016. I was employed as a Kindergarten Aide for 3 years at Jefferson Elementary, I was employed as a Summer School Classroom Aide for 4 years at Lincoln and Eisenhower Schools and Virtual Summer School in 2020, I was employed as a Lunchroom and Playground Supervisor at McKinley Elementary for 3 years, and I assisted in developing the Therapy Dog program there and creating the board policy for the district during this time. I also volunteered at Wauwatosa’s Madison and Jefferson Schools during my tenure on the Board, and was a PTA committee member and chair at Jefferson, Longfellow and Wauwatosa East. 

What other experience do you have?

I volunteered at BEAM Academy, a Milwaukee Public Charter School for 3 years teaching cursive writing, I volunteered at multiple Milwaukee Public Schools as a literacy assistant through the United Way, and I am currently volunteering at MacDowell Montessori with literacy activities

Why are you running? 

My reason for wanting to serve on the Wauwatosa School Board again is simple. l believe all children can learn.

What do you want the school board to focus on?

Right now in Wauwatosa we know that we have to do better. We have data that tells us many kids are struggling, and many teachers feel unsupported. This creates a culture of uncertainty that’s causing too many families to begin to lose confidence that their child matters. And it can make teachers feel that they can just never do enough.

What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by the Wauwatosa School District?

The challenge is to create a collaborative strategic plan that reflects the needs and strengths of all stakeholders – students, families, staff, taxpayers and the greater Wauwatosa community.

In your opinion, what has our school district/board done well? 

Our district has created and maintained a strong, multi- area arts program that is critical to learning.  Our district staff are child- centered, highly skilled professionals. We (school board and administration) need to be better at listening to them. 

What will you do to help students?

I will actively reach out to hear them. I will find ways to let them take the lead in addressing issues of equity and diversity. As adults,  we have a lot to learn from them.