News Explained: Biden’s First State of the Union

On Tuesday, March 1st, 2022, President Biden gave his first state of the union address. In his speech he discussed his first year in the oval office, highlighting the successes and introducing future steps his administration will take in the coming year. A speech which took on a year heavy with tragedy and conflict, we asked Tosa West Social Studies teacher, Padi Kong, to pick the five biggest ideas covered in the state of the union. 


5 Main Things Covered in President Biden’s First State of the Union Address:


  1. Russia
  • Closing off American airspace to all Russian air flights
  • Continue to enforce economic sanctions against Russia


  1. Shift in Covid-19
  • Create a test to treat initiative – If you test positive, you can get an antiviral treatment right away at no cost
  • You can again order free covid test sent to your house starting next week
  • Maskless congress


  1. Inflation
  • US worked with 30 other countries to release 60 million lbs of oil reserves around the world
  • Create more American made products by revitalizing manufacturing
  • Cut the cost of prescription drugs, energy, childcare, and provide universal pre-K for 3 & 4 year olds


  1. Unity Agenda
  • beating the opioid epidemic, take on mental health, supporting veterans, and ending cancer


  1. Fund the Police
  • resources and training for all police officers


Additional Recaps and Insight: