Tosa West Students Wear Baseball Jerseys for “Jerseys for Jackson” Movement Honoring 8 year-old Waukesha Parade Victim, Jackson Sparks, on Friday, December 3


Daisy Lehman and Eve Lazarski

West students wore baseball jerseys this Friday for Jerseys for Jackson, a movement to honor eight year old Jackson Sparks, the youngest victim of the Waukesha parade tragedy. Sparks loved baseball and played in the little league. 

“It was a devastating and sad event. Especially with the amount of people who were injured and lost their lives. It should’ve been fun and exciting, something that happens every year, and then it turned into something everyone will remember as a traumatizing memory,” said Tosa West junior, Patrick Klein, who wore his jersey.

Jerseys for Jackson was an effort to show support to the family of Jackson Sparks, as well as to honor his life.

“I wore a jersey to show my support for the victims of the Waukesha parade,” said Lillian Kiracofe, a Wauwatosa West sophomore. 

The movement grew over the internet and spread on social media.

“I saw that the Brewers posted something on Instagram a couple of days ago, saying to wear jerseys for Jackson on Friday December 3rd,”  Kiracofe said. 

However, many Tosa West students weren’t aware of Jerseys for Jackson.

“I thought, wow, a lot of people are wearing jerseys today. I felt like I missed a memo.” Said Tosa West senior Amira Makhlouf. “I’m sad I didn’t do it. I feel bad, but it’s cool that people knew and wore their jerseys.”

According to several conversations with Tosa West teachers, who wished to remain anonymous, the West administration opposed the idea because students might feel distressed about the tragedy. Teachers said that they were “heavily discouraged” from wearing their jerseys on Friday. 

Other district schools had a different approach. Longfellow, Whitman, Eisenhower, and Mckinley all sent emails encouraging people to wear jerseys. An email from Mckinley elementary school on December 2nd sent to students, staff, and parents stated that,students and staff are invited to wear a baseball jersey, or other jersey/sports shirt, on Friday in support of recent events in Waukesha.” 

Many think that the Jerseys for Jackson movement was necessary to honor and remember victims of the tragedy. 

“It’s really important to acknowledge the situation and the remembrance of Jackson,” said Tosa West sophomore, Addison Bott. “I think it’s really disappointing that the school didn’t demonstrate awareness, even though this occurred and we need to recognize it.”

Tosa West sophomore Emily McCabe concurs.

“We need to take action and honor this little boy’s life. I’m really upset that our school didn’t show support for this movement.”