Tosa West Homecoming Capture the Flag Frenzy


Freshman Morgan Strath poses with her flag from her 3rd hour class.

Despite waving a white flag in her tiring hands, Tosa West junior and YES Abroad Exchange student from Lebanon, Sara Makarem is intent on anything but surrender. 

She is the keeper of her third hour’s homecoming spirit flag in a school wide game of Capture the Flag. Each class acquired a simple white cloth attached to a stick that they decorated together for the week.

The rules are simple: Keep your flag.  Earn points for your third hour. Get the most points and win a pizza party.

“It’s easy, it’s not that hard [to keep the flag away from people]. A few people tried taking it but they failed. I can’t understand how people lose their flags.” said Makarem.

Not everyone had that easy of a time with it. Senior Molly Gremer’s third hour lost their flag on Monday, the first day of the competition. Despite that disappointing outcome Gremer enjoyed the game. 

“It makes homecoming a little bit more interesting than just having dress up days,” said Gremmer.

Even those who are winning have experienced drawbacks. Makarem’s hands were very sore after carrying the flag for an entire day. She joked that they were “practically dead.”

However if she can survive the brutal conditions and stand proud, the flag held high, at the end of the day on Friday, her class may join the victorious and win a number of points which count towards a pizza party.