Restrictions Sour Enthusiasm for Annual Prom

The annual Wauwatosa west junior prom will be held on May 19th at the Grace center on the MSOE campus in downtown, Milwaukee.  Students attending must fulfill numerous requirements for attending.  Requirements include to not to be failing any classes, to not be late to school more than 5 times, have no more than one referral or no suspensions.

“I think that the requirements are dumb honestly because in order to go to prom and have a good time with your friends you shouldn’t have to require to be the perfect student.” Said Molly Dorley

Prom is considered to be the most important and best event in high school according to students, well most students.

“I didn’t go to prom because I’m lonely and no one likes me.” Said Senior Lawrence Thomas

“When I went to prom the restrictions was that our G.P.A. had to be a three or higher.” Said Senior Anna Ganser.

Prom restrictions had became more strict over the years.

“The restrictions are fair but it sucks because last year my friends couldn’t go because of the restrictions.” Said Junior Kayleigh Reske 

The reports will be run on Friday May 4th at the end of the school day, if you don’t meet these requirements then, you will not be able to purchase a prom ticket.  Prom tickets are 80 dollars and will be available for purchase starting next week. 

“I think they’re understandable, I don’t think a lot of them are too harsh, I think since it’s such a big event they could probably go easier on people because everyone wants to go to their school prom.” Said Senior Megan Veit.