Tips to Getting In Shape for Summer

According to the National Youth Physical Activity and Nutrition Study only 12% of high school students getting enough exercise to be in shape. And with all the summer activities like canoeing, volleyball, and swimming kids are wondering what to do to get in shape and look feel their best.

With summer around the corner what should you be doing to get in shape and feel your best for the long awaited summer activities

“Swimming and any type of plank, I really like all the different types of planks because they really work your core and obliques and help the rest of your body like your arms and shoulders. And if you can’t swim getting on a spin bike is great for cardio”. Said Social Studies teacher and Head Coach of the Girls and Boys Swim and Dive teams Heidi Hegwood.

People work out at a variety of different places. YMCA and planet fitness being some of the more common ones.

“I am a fan of Crossfit type gyms but all places will work. I prefer places with very few machines and lots of free weights”. Said Science teacher and Defensive Football Coordinator Robb Widuch.

A very important part of working out is what you put into your body. What you eat on a daily basis will affect your recovery time and muscle growth.

“The biggest thing is you want to match your veggies and protein. Half of your plate should be veggies, then a fourth of your plate should be protein and the other fourth can be others. Be sure that you get in healthy fats along with your protein. Then before your workout you should have a snack with nuts and fruits so you get that extra protein and sugar.” Said Hegwood.

Along with eating healthy and good workout routines how frequently you work out is also a factor in exercise quality.

“You should try to work out about 3 – 4 times per week”. Said Widuch.

What you do on your off days can affect muscle growth as well.  Building muscle happens even when you are not actively working out.

“On your days off you should be stretching and actively resting. Resting is an important part of your workout”. Said Hegwood.

The weight room at Wauwatosa west is usually open for an hour after school during the week but during summer it will be open during building hours 8 am – 12 pm

If you don’t have a place to work out at “Running outside is a great cross-trainer. It helps you lose fat fast” said Hedwood.

Running comes as a challenge to people who are just starting.  If you’re out running in your neighborhood. A mile is a little less than 7 city blocks the long way

“People trying to start running should try running a slow mile for 3 days a week and build up I enjoy running because it works as an outlet for me to relive stress. I enjoy running with my friends it makes it fun.” Track Athlete Jeremiah Cash