Multicultural Fair Offers Tosa West Community Opportunities to Explore Cultures


Students at the 2012 Multicultural Fair at Wauwatosa West wait to perform their dance routine.

Wauwatosa Wests annual multicultural fair will take place Wednesday March 28th from 6:00 until 8:30 to honor the diverse culture within the school. Wauwatosa West Spanish Language teacher Catherine Munoz and a group of dedicated students are gearing up to showcase the multiple cultures within Wauwatosa West. Ethnic foods, drinks and activities will be available all day on Wednesday and at the fair.

“Culture is a way we can express our true self” said Munoz. She is particularly excited about the expanded Italian dessert collection that was added to the list of foods at the fair. For alittle money, students can purchase cultural foods that will be available at lunch all week.

“Culture is everything” said Tosa West Junior Gaoyeeng Vang.

On Wednesday evening at 6 o’clock, the multicultural fair will begin. Students have prepared booths that display aspects of their culture. After guests have learned about their culture, they will receive a stamp on their passports.

“The fair is important to the culture of Tosa West” said Munoz.

The fair this year will include a world cafe from 6-8:30, a variety of entertainment including an instrumental from the West and Whitman Orchestra, as well as a world language skit from the French Honors Club.

“Treats from around the world will be offered to all those who come and they are delicious!” said Munoz.

Those on the Multicultural Fair Committee encourage everyone to come and assure that people will be pleased with the outcome of their hard work.