Tosa West Dance Team Wins Nationals

Tosa West Dance Team or “TDT” competed at the national dance competition in Ocoee, Florida and won the Contest of Champions medium size Hip Hop dance competition on March 1st


“It was ecstatic, all the work I did payed off. It was a wonderful moment full of screaming and crying”. said Co-Leader Senior Gabby Adams


This was the first time the TDT competed at the contest of champions. They were also runner up for overall best dance team in the nation.  


“ We always hope we would win nationals but we didn’t focus on it until after we won state. We were on top of the world After that”. Said sophomore Bayden StoltenburgWills.  He is one of two male dancers on the team.


The team also won 2 regional competition meets and the won first place =in the Hip Hop category at the Wisconsin State High School Competition. Now the team looks for new recruits to join for the upcoming season. Dancers of all experience are welcomed to tryout.


“ I’ve been dancing for a long time. I danced for an Irish dancing studio since elementary school. I’ve also been involved with cheer team here at west.”, said Adams


Many of the dancers claim that dance is more than a team. It’s a family


“People should join TDT because they want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Because the reward is worth the sacrifice.  And because we are pretty fun. During high school I think TDT offers a built in family, No one on TDT is ever alone at school. There is always a group looking out for you. It also offers a stress outlet. An oasis from your day. “ said Coach Shaw


Dancing much a mental demanding sport as well as a physical sport.


“ Everyone who is successful on our team shares the same 3 traits. They are not afraid to face their weaknesses. They never stop believing in us. And they put the team before themselves.   Luckily for us, these are traits that all of TDT eventually earns”. said Coach Shaw


Beyond the physical and mentally demanding attributes there is also a time demand.


“People trying out should want to try new things, have time, and flexibility. We practice 4 days a week and compete on Fridays. We are a year round sport” said Adams


Not only does dance help you during your high school years, it also helps you after you graduate


“ You gain flexibility, control, team bonding and life skills, how to be the bigger person and how to defuse problems”. said S-Wills


If you want to be part of the nationally awarded Trojan Dance Team tryouts are on Tuesday March 20 – Friday March 23.