Senior Directed Play

The Trojan Players are preparing for their next production. It’s the annual Senior Directed Play. This year, the Se­nior Directors are Tay­lor Peterson-Burke and Alec Kartz. They are presenting Neil Simon’s first play, “Come Blow Your Horn.” The cast has been decided and practices have begun.

The Senior Directed Play is very important to those in theater. Be­ing chosen as a Senior Director is a great hon­or and a great respon­sibility as they have the same responsibili­ties as a traditional di­rector. They choose a play; as Peterson- Burke said, “We have to read through a zillion shows,” get the rights to the show, schedule and hold auditions, pick a cast, and schedule and run rehearsals. “The director is more like a mentor to us. We go to him when we have ques­tions,” said Kartz. They also get to pick the next year’s Senior Directors.

To become a senior di­rector, you must fill out an extensive form about your theater experi­ences and why you want to be a Senior Director. Then you have an inter­view with the current Senior Directors. After that, applicants must wait until the Illiums for the final announcement.

The directors are both excited and ner­vous for the play. “I think that I will be more nervous as the show approaches, but now I am mostly excited,” said Kartz. He and Peterson-Burke said that they were slightly worried about getting their vision across, but are sure that everything will work out if they pick the right cast. The two directors seem to work well together. They both have a great love of theater and have been involved in it for many years here at West. Alec’s brother was a se­nior director a few years ago and he is keeping on with the tradition.

There is a lot of work to be done before perfor­mances begin on Febru­ary tenth. It is sure to be an experience that the cast, crew, and direc­tors will never forget.