Homecoming Week Preview

With Monday just around the corner, West hopes to improve its students’ homecoming week experience.

West Principal Frank Calarco highlighted behaviors that inappropriate for homecoming week.

This year, possession of or tagging with paint and colored sprays is not allowed.

“If we catch students with paint at school, those students will not be going to homecoming,” said Calarco. “Last year, several students didn’t get to go to homecoming because they didn’t follow the rules.”

His policy about tagging is common sense, he said.

“If I had to make a rule about every single thing students shouldn’t do, the student handbook would be bigger than a dictionary,” said Calarco.

According to social studies teacher and Student Council Advisor Andy Zietlow, the new daily advisory period will help the administration prevent students’ behavior from getting out of control.

“We have advisory every day, so we can continue to discuss the rules with students,” said Zietlow. “Students will have a better understanding of what is allowed and what isn’t.”

With this change, said Zietlow, “we’ll have a better homecoming this year.”

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