Seniors Admitted to UWM

Henry Frey and Jovan Mendez

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee admissions staff came to Tosa West on October 17th, looking to admit future students early.   

This was the beginning of a series of early admissions interviews that spanned the entirety of the school day, the staff picking out applicants who had filled out a series of forms to have this interview. 

The interviews were about 15 minutes each, and consisted of a series of questions about academic achievements, extracurriculars, and other various activities in an effort to get to know the applicants better.

“I thought they were they were really kind.” Senior Aral Nen Jr. said, “They were good conversationalists, which I suppose you should be, if you’re [an admissions counselor]. Very nice people. They seem just as excited to admit me as I was to be speaking to them. So overall very fun time.”

Most of the applicants who were interviewed where accepted, a comfort to many of the seniors who had their various anxieties throughout the application process.

“It’s really stressful, like, applying with the thought of, maybe I won’t get into college,” said West Senior Ethan Garder. “And knowing that we would get accepted or rejected on the spot kind of made it easier, and having that acceptance felt really reassuring.”

Of the 24 that applied 21 were accepted, and look to be heading to UWM next fall.