Trojans Defeat New Berlin to Clinch Place in Play-offs

The Tosa West Varsity Trojans blew out New Berlin Eisenhower with an impressive score of 42-0 Friday, September 30 on their home field, clenching a long awaited spot in the playoffs.

“We’ve moved on to a new Tosa West,” player Orin Eckes said after the game.

Students crowded the bleachers dressed in white and green for the game last Friday. School spirit was high that night, and the mood on the field was quite different from the week before when the Trojans had their first loss. Athletic Director Jeff Gabrielsen said that they “had a good week of practice, and the loss helped motivate the team. They really took [the loss] to heart.” Players agreed, “We got into the playoffs with hard work and discipline and this is the reward,” said Christian Morzinski.

Needless to say, there were hardly any doubts about the outcome of the game at halftime, with the score already 28-0. With the dance team performance and the marching band routine at halftime that Principal Frank Calarco said “gave [him] chills”, fans were full of school pride.

Finally, the last few seconds on the clock were run out as backup quarterback, Marcus Morrow, took a knee. On the scoreboard: Home-42, Guest-0. This huge win secured the Trojans in the playoffs, but to some it was even more meaningful because it was played against Ike.

It has been at least five years since Tosa West has defeated New Berlin Eisenhower in a Varsity football game, and this win had special meaning to all of the players for that reason, as well as Athletic Director Gabrielsen who formerly coached at Eisenhower. Even though he called this game, “bittersweet” because his nephew was the quarterback for New Berlin, Gabrielsen was still all smiles after the game with the rest of the team and the fans.

But the school spirit did not just end once the game ended, the pride that student’s have for their school still lingers in the school long after the game. Principal Frank Calarco was asked how this game will impact the school, and he responded, “People don’t understand how important athletics are, they help the community and the climate of the whole school. I am very proud.”

Finally, the Trojans make it to the long-awaited playoffs.